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Google Trips: The Best All Round App for Planning Itineraries!

I’ve come across many apps when planning my travels, but Google Trips is the best all round by far! Read on to find out how it works and why I love it so much.

How does it work?

On the home page, it says “Where do you want to go?”. Just type in your city and voila! A whole host of things pop up, which you can see in these screenshots:

I’ve discussed some of my favourite features below!

Day Plans

This feature combines some of the most popular things to do in a city and groups it by area. You can then pick the area you’re interested in exploring and it will bring up a map and a day plan. It tells you what the opening hours are for the attraction, how long you should spend there, and how to get to the next attraction (+ estimated travel time).

Getting Around

The getting around tab has information on the following, including links to the official booking websites for relevant operators:

  • transport on arrival
  • public transport
  • taxi/ ride
  • driving
  • walking/ biking.

If you plan on using public transport, I would recommend either:

  1. Download Maps.Me which is an offline map app. Its not perfect, but a good alternative if you don’t want to get a SIM card.
  2. Get a SIM card if you can. Google Maps is absolutely wonderful for public transport, but it doesn’t work on offline maps so a SIM card is a must!

Things to Do

There are many wonderful things about the ‘Things to Do’ tab!

Google Trips - The Must Have App for Planning Itineraries! - Tourist
Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash

1. It’s catered to different interests:

Are you interested in only the Top Spots? Or would you love to learn more about the Historic City you’re in? Do you need places that are Kid Friendly? It doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are, whether you’re interest in art, nature, history or whatever else, Google Trips has something for you. And when you’ve seen enough of the city, Google Trips lists places of interest that are Farther Away so that you’ve truly taken advantage of the area you’re in!

2. You can save the places you’re interested in:

When scrolling through the places of interest, just click the save icon (the little blue flag) and this allows you to save the place to a list in your own Google Maps!

3. You can see things in a map view:

The map view helps you see how close together attractions are and you can make your own day plan based on this! What’s even cooler, is that you can click on map view under for all the attractions (Places A-Z) OR for specific types of attractions (e.g. Local Art). Just click into the tab you’re interested in first and then click on the map icon at the top right of your screen (its the one next to the search icon).

4. All the necessary info about the attraction is provided too:

In both the map and list view, clicking on an attraction will bring up more information about that attraction, including its contact details, opening hours and a link to the official website!

Why I love Google Trips

Google Trips - The Must Have App for Planning Itineraries! - Planning a Trip
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

It is so comprehensive! Firstly, there are very few cities which aren’t on this app. Secondly, Google Trips not only has ready-made day plans, but also acts as a guide in terms of food, transport and other places of interest. You can also add your reservations like flight tickets and hotel bookings! It caters to all interests and all types of travelers and you can download the offline map for the city you’ll be traveling to! So Google Trips really is one app where you will be able to store everything you need! There are only two areas where I think the app could be improved:


You can’t search by country, only by city. So you’d need to look at another resource to get ideas for which cities to visit in the country before you search the city itself in Google Trips

Under the ride service, it sometimes only has Uber listed (whereas in Cape Town, for example, Taxify would be an equally valid alternative)

What are you waiting for?

Download Google Trips and let me know what you think! What other apps have you found that you love?

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